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WeBSurg and EATS Newsletter December 2008

Dear member,
We wish you a merry Christmas and bid you welcome to our December 2008 newsletter!

To celebrate even more during this festive month of December, we are pleased to release a new operative technique chapter for the surgical treatment of morbid obesity: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy. In addition, you will enjoy 4 new HD videos in laparoscopic surgery that you will be able to download for 9.95€ or 14.95$ only per video! We are also publishing 9 new videos showing different surgical procedures along with new lectures and
interviews of experts in the field of laparoscopic pediatric and digestive surgery!

We are also happy to present a new format of expert interview in which WeBSurg videos are analysed by some of the top experts, thus emphasizing the different surgical approaches of different authors and various schools of thoughts. This new section, called critical analysis, begins today with the analysis of "Laparoscopic treatment of GERD in an obese patient" by L. Swanström and N. Soper.

In NOTES, we have new media recorded live at the IRCAD-EITS for our EATS members. The media was shot during the last advanced course in NOTES (October 3-4, 2008) and is available on the EATS website:
For more information on NOTES, please click on the EATS section of the Newsletter. 

New Operative Technique Chapter: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for the Surgical Treatment of Morbid Obesity

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a therapeutic option proposed in the treatment of morbidly obese patients. It induces weight loss by restricting food intake. 
Approximately 60 percent of the stomach is removed laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or sleeve.

This procedure was generally carried out in superobese patients with the intention of performing another surgery (e.g., a gastric bypass) at a later time. After the Consensus Conference of New York last year, it could be a good primary operation.

Click here to view the procedure.

4 WeBSurg's new HD videos available for download

Thanks to the new HD links between Strasbourg's New University Hospital and the IRCAD-EITS Training Centre, we are able to offer our WeBSurg members a selection of High Definition videos for download.

Due to the high costs of running such a HD service, the downloads are available for a small fee of 9.95€ or 14.95$ only for each video.

Try them now and prepare for immersive surgery!

Please click here to access the list of these videos

  • Intraoperative diagnosis of short esophagus in a patient with Barrett's metaplasia (12 min 40)

  • Laparoscopic TME dissection with monopolar cautery (26 min 45)

  • Use of absorbable tacker for a type IIIa Nyhus left inguinal hernia (5 min)

  • Laparoscopic treatment of genitourinary prolapse (23 min 30)

New videos

General and digestive surgery:

  • Transgastric hybrid cholecystectomy

  • Meckel's diverticulectomy: laparoscopic approach and critical analysis of the technique

  • Laparoscopic left pancreatectomy with preservation of splenic vessels

  • Laparoscopic treatment of a rectal prolapse: modified Orr-Loygue technique

Endocrine surgery:

  • Minimally invasive video-assisted parathyroidectomy with augmented reality

Pediatric surgery:

  • Retroperitoneoscopic right-sided nephrectomy for poorly functioning kidney with associated reflux

Gynecologic surgery:

  • Laparoscopic treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome

  •  Ureteral resection of re-anastomosis for infiltrating endometriosis

Urological surgery:

  • Extrafascial laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

New Lectures in laparoscopic urological surgery and pediatric endosurgery:

Laparoscopic urological surgery:

  • Is there a technical solution to help improve immediate continence following laparoscopic radical prostatectomy? – E Mandron (FR)

  • Prostate Cancer cT1c: what about the lymph nodes? – G Janetschek (AT)

  • Diagnostic and prognostic value of Positive Surgical Margins (PSM) after radical prostatectomy – M Soulie (FR)

  • Bladder neck preservation: interest and limits – T Piechaud (FR)

Pediatric endosurgery:

  • Laparoscopic (Palomo) varicocoele ligation - H Steinbrecher (UK)

  • Vascular hitch? A new alternative for vascular pyeloureteric junction obstruction (PUJO) - I Mushtaq (UK)

New Expert Interviews in Laparoscopic surgery and this month's Critical Analysis

 Interviews on laparoscopic treatment of GERD:

  • N Soper (US)

  • L Swanström (US)

Interview on Pancreatic surgery:

  • A Park (US)

Videosurgery in pediatric urology:

  • I Mushtaq (UK)

  • H Steinbrecher (UK)

New interview format: CRITICAL ANALYSIS

This new type of expert interview allows to explore the many ways and varying techniques of different experts. Some of the world's leading experts are shown an already published WeBSurg video and their reactions are recorded: the result is a dynamic video in which the viewer is given the thoughts of different authors on a very visual technique. A more interesting way of getting your greens!

This month's film:

"Laparoscopic treatment of GERD in an obese patient" - B Dallemagne, J Marescaux (FR)

The critics:

L Swanström and N Soper (US)

IRCAD-EITS Strasbourg: Course calendars

2008 Course calendar - Click here and register for one of the courses

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ASIA IRCAD - TAIWAN: 2008 course calendar and corresponding CME accreditations

Following the inauguration and the first course in Taiwan (May 27-30, 2008), we are pleased to release the complete ASIA IRCAD-TAIWAN 2008 course calendar and each course's CME accreditation.

CME accreditation is provided for all the course that will be held at the ASIA IRCAD - Taiwan: AMA Category 1 credits™ and MAINCERT credits will be delivered.

Make sure you do not miss out on this unique opportunity and register now for one of the few remaining places!

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ASIA IRCAD - TAIWAN: 2009 course calendar

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Upcoming conferences in 2009

The IRCAD-EITS and WeBSurg will be present as an exhibitor hosted by Karl Storz and will be happy to welcome you at the forthcoming events: 

  • 2009 SAGES Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (April 22-25, 2009)

  • 17th International Congress of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), Prague, Czech Republic (June 17-20, 2009)

  • 95th Annual Clinical Congress of the ACS, Chicago, Illinois, USA (October 11-15, 2009)

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New exclusive content in N.O.T.E.S. for all EATS members and those to be!

This month's new media on NOTES

We are delighted to share our online NOTES with more than 1800 members! Following the sixth NOTES Advanced Course that took place last October 3-4, 2008, we are happy to share new media with you.

Make sure you browse the EATS website and view all the new NOTES material!

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Our December EATS issue:

2 New lectures:

  • NOTES in the mediastinum - S Perretta (FR)

  • Single port access surgery - S Perretta (FR)

New video:

  • Lights on NOTES, October 4, 2008: the sequel of live interviews with leading experts in NOTES during a hands-on session at the IRCAD's experimental laboratory.

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CME Accreditation of NOTES courses

MAINCERT and AMA Category 1 CME credits available for the 2008 NOTES courses:
8.75 credits (option A)
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