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New exclusive content in N.O.T.E.S. for all EATS members and those to be!

Dear WeBSurg member,

The 1st International NOTES Hands-on Course that took place at the IRCAD-EITS in Strasbourg was a tremendous success! We are glad to showcase key presentations given by experts as well as the interviews and debates that took place during the course. Below is the first lot of lectures, expert opinions and debates that are made available to EATS members only. If you are not yet a member of the EATS and wish to view all NOTES related content, please register. An annual "symbolic" fee of 10 euros payable online on is required in compliance with Article 5 pursuant to the status of the EATS Association.

A great number of EATS members so far!

The original and exclusive content that is delivered by the EATS to its members has greatly contributed to the rapid success of the association. Indeed, it is the only one so far to offer dynamic resources such as videos and expert debates.

In addition, a unique bibliographic NOTES database gathers all related references to allow its members access to all publications in this field. This association is the perfect tool to keep up-to-date with NOTES.

Reading Suggestions: the Milestone Articles

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For our first issue: 6 New Lectures for NOTES

Topics to be broached in the next months:

  • How to close the access site? What is available today? Secure endoscopic closure of the gastrotomy - L Swanström (USA)
  • An original approach: cardiac occluder - S Perretta (F)
  • Transgastric and transrectal anastomosis - P Swain (UK)
  • Future of NOTES: the development of transluminal surgery - P Swain (UK)
  • How to expose, retract? Developing enabling technologies and advanced endoscopic designs for NOTES - L Swanström (USA)
  • Multitasking platform - C Thompson (USA)
  • Original approach: use of magnets - B Dunkin (USA)
  • Which orifice? Single or combined access? For which procedure? Combined accesses: challenges and potential advantages - J Correia-Pinto (P)
  • Combined access for bowel resection - J Leroy (F)
  • Transvaginal cholecystectomy - J Marescaux (F)

New Expert Opinions and Debates for NOTES


  • In your opinion, which approach (transvaginal, transgastric, transcolonic) will eventually be widely accepted, taking account of risks of infection and general acceptability?
  • Is specific training needed for both the surgeon and the gastroenterologist, and if so, what kind?
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The EATS in Focus

(European Association for Transluminal Surgery™)


The association is fully committed:
  • to create a group of multidisciplinary European health care professionals (GI endoscopists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologists, roboticists) that will evaluate the potential of transluminal surgery.
  • to share ideas and technological innovations aiming at a quick progression of the concept.
  • to establish the basic requirements of the project and the scientific procedures that should be implemented prior to any clinical application.
  • to establish and maintain a European registry of experimental data to help in getting technical and financial support from sponsoring companies.
  • to establish contacts with other scientific societies sharing the same objectives.

Membership rights:

  • permanent updating of a bibliographic NOTES database
  • access NOTES videos, lectures, expert interviews and debates from free of charge
  • priority registration for NOTES courses at EITS
  • go to the front of the waiting list for fully booked EITS courses

EATS would benefit from grants to help boost research.

Founding Members:

President: J. Marescaux (F)
Vice-Presidents: M. Bailey (GB), F Corcione (I)
Secretary: B Dallemagne (F)
Treasurer: D Mutter (F)
Administrators: D. Coumaros (F), B. Navez (B), T. Piéchaud (F)
Members: K.H. Fuchs (D), C. Huscher (I), J. Leroy (F), M. de Mathelin (F), V. Pansadoro (I), L. Soler (F), E.Targarona (ES), A. Wattiez (F).

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A Unique Opportunity for Training and Improving your Skills in NOTES at IRCAD-EITS!

Come and Attend our next Course Program in Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery!

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Apply now for the next course:

Due to the enormous success of the first NOTES course, priority will be given to people that are on the waiting list and to EATS members. This will operate on a first come, first served basis.

Calendar for 2008 NOTES courses at IRCAD-EITS:
  • January 18-19, 2008
  • March 28-29, 2008
  • June 6-7, 2008
  • October 3-4, 2008

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Yours faithfully,

President of IRCAD/EITS
President of EATS
Editor-in-Chief - WebSurg

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