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Welcome to our March Newsletter. We are pleased to introduce new operative techniques in the fields of Gynecology, Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery, Digestive surgery and Urology on One chapter is about new technology equipment in operating rooms. This edition also lists other additions to the site.

New Releases on

Operative techniques

  • Gynecology
  • Sacrospinous ligament fixation of the vaginal vault - M Cosson, B Ocelli, D Querleu (France)
    Extraperitoneal laparoscopic iliac para-aortic lymph node dissection for gynaecologic cancer - É Leblanc, D Querleu (France)
  • Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
  • Laparoscopic approach to pericardial effusions - É Totté (Belgium)
    Thoracoscopic approach to pericardial effusions - D Gossot (France)
  • Digestive surgery
  • Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) - N Demartines (Switzerland)
  • Equipment
  • Ultrasonic dissectors (UDs) - D Gossot (France)


  • Thoracic surgery
  • Laparoscopic approach to esophageal achalasia (technique and functional result), English commentary - R Rosati (Italy)

  • Digestive surgery
  • Laparoscopic splenectomy, English commentary - B Delaitre (France)
    Splénectomie laparoscopique, French commentary - B Delaitre (France)
    TEM for rectal tumor resection, English commentary - N Demartines (Switzerland)
    Transanal endoscopic microsurgery for resection, English commentary - N Demartines (Switzerland)
    TEM d'une tumeur rectale, French commentary - N Demartines (Switzerland)
    Exérèse trans-anale par microchirurgie endoscopique, French commentary - N Demartines (Switzerland)
    Laparoscopic excision of the cystic stump, English commentary - J Leroy (France)
    Exploration du moignon cystique, French commentary - J Leroy (France)



Our first CD-Rom was released January 14, 2002. It dealt with 'Laparoscopic sigmoidectomy for diverticulitis', by J Leroy (France), J Milsom (USA), and J Okuda (Japan). It included an operative procedure, a video and experts' opinions.
Price: USD 89 / EURO 99

This month new CD-Roms are available:

- Right laparoscopic colectomy - J Leroy (France), J Milsom (USA), J Okuda (Japan)
- Transabdominal preperitoneal approach (TAPP) - J Leroy (France)
- Gastric banding - C Desaive (Belgium), JM Zimmermann (France), M Vix (France)


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Operative technique
Nissen fundoplication free full text version - B Dallemagne (Belgium)

Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication - B Dallemagne (Belgium), J Marescaux (France)

Expert's opinion
Nissen fundoplication - B Dallemagne (Belgium)

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