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Welcome to our October Newsletter. This edition announces the latest additions to, including new operative techniques and videos. The end of summer heralds busy days for the WebSurg team, with involvement in the highly successful Operation Lindbergh, and various conferences in October.

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Operative Technique

- Nissen fundoplication free full text version - B Dallemagne (Belgium)


- Laparoscopic gastric banding for morbid obesity - M Vertruyen (Belgium)


Expert Opinion

- Nissen fundoplication - B Dallemagne (Belgium)


- Free access to all WebSurg editorials

What's new on

Operation Lindbergh - the first transatlantic robot-assisted operation

Operation Lindbergh, comprising a complete telesurgical cholecystectomy, was carried out by a team of French surgeons located in New York on a patient in Strasbourg, France. This world first was a truly remarkable medical and technical feat; it involved minimally invasive surgery using telecommunications solutions based on high-speed services and sophisticated surgical robotics.

Operative techniques

Pediatric surgery

Intussusception in young children
- F Becmeur (France), D Christmann (France), I Kauffman (France)

Intussusception in young children is a medical emergency. Reduction of intussusception is most often performed under radiographic guidance, but surgery may be necessary via a laparotomy or laparoscopy. This chapter concentrates on the laparoscopic approach.

Thoracic Surgery

A Stefani (Italy), D Gossot (France)

Percutaneous tracheostomy
Emergency tracheostomy

An elective tracheostomy should be performed in an operating room under aseptic conditions, with a full set of instruments and good lighting. A percutaneous tracheostomy is an alternative to the standard technique, and it is quicker, easier and less invasive. By contrast, an emergency tracheostomy is indicated in severe airway compromise when endotracheal intubation is not possible.

Emergency surgery

Peritonitis secondary to appendicitis - B Navez (Belgium)
Laparoscopic exploration leads to an accurate diagnosis of the origin of the peritonitis, and allows for a precise assessment of the pathologies. More than 80% of cases of peritonitis from a perforated appendix can be treated through laparoscopy. When conversion to a laparotomy is necessary, it is often possible to limit the size of the incision and to place it more accurately.


Videos on operating procedures performed by international experts are available at in the Videos section (average duration 20 min). New procedures for October include:

  • English Commentary:
    Lichtenstein hernioplasty - PK Amid (USA)
    Intussusception of the intestine in the newborn - F Becmeur (France)
    Diaphragmatic hernias - F Becmeur
    Congenital megaoesophagus - F Becmeur
    Acquired megaoesophagus - F Becmeur
    Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis - F Becmeur
  • French Commentary:
    Invagination intestinale du nourisson - F Becmeur (France)
    Hernies diaphragmatique - F Becmeur
    Mégaoesophagus congénital - F Becmeur
    Mégaoesophagus acquis - F Becmeur
    Sténose hypertophique du pylore - F Becmeur


WebSurg will be attending two conferences on general and digestive surgery in October this year. We will be pleased to welcome you to our stands, where we will be offering reductions of 20% on annual subscriptions to the site:

103e Congrès Français de Chirurgie, Paris (France), 4-6 October, 2001.
WebSurg will be represented at Stand No.10.

87th Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons, New Orleans, LA (USA), 7-12 October, 2001.


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